About Goddogs, written by Nikki Karis

Blurb from the back cover of book one of Karis’ Goddogs series… Nikki Karis, a high-powered, personal injury attorney with a booming practice, is angry with God. Single, childless, and confused about the trajectory of her life, she is also suffering burnout, having mindlessly climbed the pillar of material success for many years. One day, […]

A Heartfelt Message from Nikki Karis

A heartfelt message from Nikki Karis, Founder, CEO, and creative entrepreneur of Tail Life… Thank you for visiting Tail Life, dedicated to uniting people and their pets from around the world. Via Tail Life, I am committed to drawing attention to the relationship people have with their pets of all kinds, but want to call […]

Welcome to Tail Life!

Welcome to Tail Life, inspiring products for people and their pets! Tail Life is an inspiring merchandise company created by Nikki Karis, the company’s Founder, CEO, and creative entrepreneur. The idea for the site was birthed by Karis in April of 2022, and will be officially launched June 14, 2022. Tail Life showcases creative merchandise […]