Tail Life is a Nikki Karis creation, born from her deep love for animals and the amazing journey of awakening she traveled to become her authentic, God-self. During her journey, hundreds of street cats and dogs, several birds, a couple of turtles, and even some squirrels crossed Karis’ path, most of whom were injured and in need of rescuing or assistance. Many of these cats and dogs now live with Karis at her sanctuary in Tarpon Springs, Florida and continue to serve as her inspiration for her creative ventures.

At the present time, Tail Life is a “one-woman” shop with Karis running all of the operations from designing merchandise to managing social media to packaging and mailing out orders, so please be patient as Karis irons out the kinks. Karis has a vision, and it’s a big one, so hop on board the Tail Life train and watch the company grow.

Nikki Karis

Founder/CEO of Tail Life