Escape the Swamp (Autographed)


Get ready to be whisked away aboard The Toad Chronicles, an exciting, theme-park adventure ride, set in the metaphorical swamp of life. During each leg of the ride, Zeni, the ride’s narrator, recounts the hilarious, sometimes sad, yet inspiring tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming, only to encounter a smorgasbord of toads.

While searching for Prince Charming, however, Zeni unwittingly discovers a treasure trove of wisdom which changes her perception of life, love, and most importantly, herself, empowering her to rise up and become the hero of her very own fairy tale. She imparts this wisdom to guests aboard the ride as they travel to different destinations, meeting various species of toads while sharing tales from their own adventures in the swamp.

Join Zeni aboard leg one of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride. Learn how to become empowered, escape the swamp, and break free.

This is book one of the series. Series written under pen name of “Giana Solomon”