Goddogs (Mobi)


Nikki Karis, a high-powered, personal injury attorney with a booming practice, is angry with God. Single, childless, and confused about the trajectory of her life, she is also suffering burnout, having mindlessly climbed the pillar of material success for many years.

One day, while battling a Goliath tobacco company during a court hearing, Karis has an epiphany and begins to plot her escape from the legal profession. Two days later, she comes across an injured dog in a parking lot, when a mysterious man appears on the scene. Not long after this serendipitous encounter, she embarks upon a journey of awakening where the veils of illusion in her life are pulled back, and she undergoes a painful, yet cathartic, dark night of the soul.

Join Karis in book one of this heartwarming series as she awakens, transforms her life, and becomes the butterfly she was born to be. Readers will delight in meeting the amazing dogs who join Karis in her inspiring journey back to God.